NYC Half Marathon

17 Mar

So…  It’s been ages since I’ve posted on here, but I just couldn’t resist after this morning…



so shiny! :)

Yup… I made from start to finish (with some walking in between) in 2:37:23.  After fighting with some nagging knee pain over the past couple months and the general anxiety of the thought of running 13.1 miles, I’m just thrilled.  Thrilled that I finished, that I wasn’t in pain, that I didn’t give up, and that I did something I never in my wildest dreams thought I would a) want to do or b) be able to do. 

It’s been quite a journey since I started Couch to 5k back in July.  A little over 8 months ago I couldn’t run for 2 minutes without getting winded.  Crazy…  

And now it’s time to relax.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day! :)


Bridge to 10k (W1D3)

16 Nov

Week 1 of 6 is officially in the books. I had a pretty good run today. I was much less winded on those hills, and my knee was totally fine!

I will say, though, it was quite a mental feat to get out there. With the weather getting colder and the fact that it’s Friday, my motivation level was minimal. Thankfully I’m always glad that I went running after the fact. :)

Bridge to 10k (W1D2)

14 Nov

I’m pretty exhausted, so here’s a quick run down of Week 1, Day 2…

  1. My bridge was closed! :(  I had planned on running on the George Washington Bridge tonight, but, despite the ginormous sign that says the pedestrian path is open until midnight, it was closed.  whomp, whomp…  It really doesn’t make much of a difference, but I was looking forward to the flat course instead of the much hillier one that I ended up running.  I know…  hills are good, but I wanted to take it easy with my knee weirdness.  And in the confusion, I forgot to start the app for my 5 minute warm up…  oops…
  2. My knee.  MUCH better today…  thank goodness!  It hurt a little bit for the last minute or two, but nothing major.  After some googling, I think that my knee pain might have something to do with my IT band.  I’m really not sure, but that’s the only thing I found that matches the symptoms.  I’m going to try some of the stretches I found online and hope that’ll do the trick.
  3. My run. Though my lungs revolted against me a few times on the hills, it was a pretty good run.

    Week 1, Day 2 (sans warm up)

  4. My new sneakers.  So far so good.  I think I might like the Defyance 5’s a little better, but the Ghost 5’s are pretty comfy, too.

That’s all for now…  happy running! :)

Bridge to 10k (W1D1)

13 Nov

With my 5k (plus a few weeks of slacking) behind me, yesterday I started my new running venture…  Bridge to 10k!  This program is a little shorter than the Couch to 5k programs – only 6 weeks.  I figured that since it’s specifically meant for C25K graduates that it would be a nice way to keep things going with my running and increase my distance.  I’ve said this before, but it’s still so crazy to me that I actually want to run…  ha ha…  The workouts are much less varied than in C25K.  Week 5 is the only week in which the workouts differ from day to day.  This program focusses on time rather than distance, so it’s more of a Bridge to 60 minutes.  I found that after reaching the 30 minute goal last time around it was pretty easy to add on those few extra minutes to get up to the 5k distance, so I’m hoping that will be the case for the 10k, too.

Week 1 is run 10/walk 1 (x4) and, of course, the 5 minute warm up and cool downs.  I was more than a little nervous about this run.  After not running for a few weeks, I was really concerned that I’d run for 3 or 4 minutes, feel like death, get all discouraged, and not want to run any more.  I don’t really know how long a body can go without running and still keep up its endurance because…  well…  I never ran on a regular basis before.  But in my head I was sure that I’d lost it.

Thankfully I was totally wrong! :)  The first and second ten minutes were great!  I was taking it slow since I hadn’t run in a while, but I was feeling good.  Somewhere in the middle of the third 10 minutes, the pesky knee pain I’ve had a few times resurfaced.  Boo!  I decided to walk for a few minutes because I’m kind of afraid of injuring myself.  Usually the pain starts if I’m running more slowly than usual, which I was, so I picked up the pace in the last 10 minutes.  There was still some pain, but nothing major.  All things considered, I’m pretty pleased with my run…

Even with the walking, my pace was pretty decent, and I didn’t let a little pain stop me.   Also, if it weren’t for my stupid knee, I totally could have run the whole time!  The fact that I can still run a few miles with relative ease after my little hiatus kind of made me feel like an actual runner!  Today I’m going to google my pain symptoms to see a) if I can figure out what’s up with my knee and b) if there are any stretches or something to help with the pain.

a WAY overdue update!

12 Nov

Wow…  The past 3 weeks have been crazy, and I’ve been a HUGE slacker in so many ways!  Work stress, a jam packed schedule outside of work, boy drama, and…  oh yeah…  a hurricane and a snow storm a week apart!  Sigh… not the best conditions for a productive Kelly.  Thankfully, though, things have calmed down considerably, and I was VERY blessed to make it through Sandy without any damage (as did my family and friends…  with the exception of a few who lost power for a good long while.)  So here’s a little update on things…

  • Weight Watchers– It has not been my finest hour, that’s for sure, but I’m pleasantly surprised with my progress.  The week I ran my 5k, I decided that I wasn’t going to worry too much about watching my points.  I started WW on April 30th and hadn’t had a single week of gaining, and I needed a break from being “good”.  Plus, I figured that the success of finishing a 5k would far outweigh a bit of gain that week.  Well…  that turned into a couple stressful weeks of subpar tracking and another couple (post-hurricane) weeks of stress eating insane amounts of pizza (it’s my weakness!) and other things I shouldn’t have been eating in the quantities I did…  ha ha…

    The slope is still negative… everything is a-okay! :)

    By some act of God, I miraculously didn’t gain any weight!  I’m not proud of the fact that I’ve only lost about 2 pounds in the past month or so, but I’m encouraged that my “bad eating” is way better now that it was earlier this year.  So, as of day, I’ve lost 55.8 lb since I started.  The goal weight you see there (that I’ve been flirting with for what feels like forever) isn’t my final goal weight.  It’s an interim goal of 25% of my starting weight.  Fingers crossed that I’ll have a new goal on there very, very soon.

  • Running –  *hanging my head in disgrace*  My running success has pretty much mirrored my WW success since I last posted.  After running the 5k race and having a pretty sore knee, I decided to take a week off from running.  BAD IDEA!  I’ve only gotten out there a couple times since.  I’m a creature of habit, and any disruption throws me off.  The excuses started, and the running stopped.  While it’s been a legitimately crazy time for me, I know that, for example, the hour of TV I watched yesterday would have been much better spent running.  But…  I just bought a new pair of running shoes (mine were pretty beat up and not feeling as comfy as they once had), and I’m ready to get out there again starting today!  They didn’t have my size in the Brooks Defyance 5’s that I have loved…  sad…  With the help of the amazing folks at Jack Rabbit, I ended up going with Brooks Ghost 5’s this time.  I’m hoping that I love them just as much.  They have a 14 day return policy (store credit as long as you don’t destroy the shoes in those two weeks), so I’m going to give them a shot.  As I mentioned before, I’m going to try to ramp up to 10k using the “Bridge to 10k” app from Bluefin.  I used their “Ease into 5k” and liked the program and interface, so I figured I’d just keep going.  I’m sure I could keep my own time since it’s a pretty straight forward routine, but I think the $2.99 is worth it to not have to worry about it.

So there you go…  Things have calmed down a bit, and the holidays are just around the corner, so it’s time to get back on track!

22 Oct

I love this!

so… I RAN A 5K!!!!

22 Oct

Yup…  that’s right…  this chunky chick, who a few months ago couldn’t run for 60 seconds without feeling like she might die, ran a whole freaking 5k!! :)  (commence happy dance…)  So here’s the run down of the race day…

 6:05 am:  Inexplicably woke up before before the alarm.  I crashed at my best friend Emily’s house since she lives way closer to the race location than I do…  It very well might have been her 2-year-old waking up that woke me, but it’s all a little blurry.

6:45 am:  Actually got out of bed and had my normal morning bowl of Kix.  (Yes, I’m 33…  and yes, I still eat Kix.)  I usually have skim milk on my cereal since that’s all I ever have in my house, but she only had 2%.  Man…  I forgot how much better milk tastes with that extra fatty goodness!  But I digress…

7:30 am:  Out the door and heading to Port Jervis.  MANY kudos to Emily for accomplishing a timely departure even with a 2-year-old tagging along.  I’m a little neurotic  about being on time early, so it was much appreciated.

8:00 am:  Race registration.  It was a pretty small race, so thankfully it wasn’t very busy at all.  I picked up my race bib and t-shirt then proceeded to wait around for a bit until it was race time.

That looks official… maybe I’ll start calling myself a runner now.  ha ha…

And a happy side note…  I signed up for this race a couple months ago and requested an XL shirt because…  well…  I had no idea if I’d stick to the diet or the running.  While I’m sad that I don’t expect to get much use out the shirt except perhaps as PJs, I’m thrilled that it’s gigantic on me. :)

8:15 am:  Lined up for the race.  There were only 114 people, so it thankfully wasn’t too hectic.

8:30 am:  And we’re off!!

Overall, the race went really well!  All my runner friends warned me not to go out too quickly, so I was trying really hard to just take a nice relaxed run.  There was a decent-sized hill right at the start of the course, but other than that, it was quite flat…  WAY flatter than my usual running route.  The one complaint that I have is that there were no mile/km markers.  Or maybe they were there, but they just weren’t as obviously visible as I needed them to be.  ha ha…  I’m not at all familiar with the town where the race was held, so I had absolutely no concept of how far along I was at any given point.  I think because of that I was being a little conservative out of fear of wearing myself out too soon.  My main goal was to not walk, and I didn’t want to risk it.

Maybe a quarter mile from the end of the race my knee started to hurt, and I was really nervous that I’d have to walk the rest of the way.  It’s a weird pain that I used to get when I’d go hiking.  It’s not just a soreness thing but more of an “I might not be able to walk down stairs for a few days without stabbing pains in my knee” kind of thing.  I slowed down a bit, and that made it hurt more, so I sped up.  Much to my surprise it didn’t hurt when I was going faster!  Excellent!  Now I had the finish line in sight, so I picked it, passed the chick I’d been behind for most of the race, and finished strong.  Emily and her daughter (who was well coached and yelling “Yay Aunt Kelly!”) were right there at the finish line to cheer me on.

9:07 (ish) am:  I FINISHED!  My official time was 36:42.  I’m not gonna lie…  As I passed through the finish line and saw that it was above 36 minutes, I was pretty disappointed.  All I could think was that I know could have (and have) done better than that.  Despite the fact that just finishing was a huge accomplishment, it’s amazing how that flew out of my mind so quickly!

I love data!!

10:00 (ish) am:  FOOD!  After hanging around to cheer on the rest of the people in my group, stretching, and using the bathroom, it was time for some free food.  Now at most races, I’ve been told, you get bagels or something like that.  This race ended with catering from Outback Steakhouse.  So yeah…  I was gnawing on chicken and steak at 10am.  ha ha…  Emily, who’s done many, many races and was supposed to run this one but couldn’t since she was on toddler patrol, was bit jealous.  She can’t eat anything with gluten, so the usual bagel spread is basically poison to her.  I think her words were, “Really?!  The one race that ends with steak, and I couldn’t run it!  GUH!”  I gave her some of my steak. :)

After I got home a took a closer look at things on mapmyrun.  I realized that the route was actually 3.35 miles, which is about a quarter mile more than a 5k!  Who does that?!  After a few calculations (I am a math teacher after all…), I found that at the average pace I was going, I would have finished 5 km in about 34 minutes.  That made me exceptionally happy!!

So there you have it…  my first 5k!  Thanks to all of you who have followed, liked, shared advice, and shared encouraging words throughout this journey.  I know I wouldn’t have been able to do this without you.

Next step:  Bridge to 10k!  (I’ve downloaded the app, and I’m excited to get started!)

(10 km…  6.2 miles…  Who am I, and what have I done with my non-running self?!?  ha ha…)

Happy and Healthy Kate!

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